Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meeting Minutes - November 9, 2010

Members in Attendance:

Dale, Lisa, David, Devin, Kendra


Mr. Brian Brake

Meeting Called to order at 7:30 PM by Dale Tiedemann

1. Minutes Approved from October 12, 2010
Devin first, Lisa second.

2. Agenda
• Add round table
• All in favour

3. Guest Speaker: Mr Brian Brake, Executive Director Pipestone Creek Dinosaur Initiative
• Project on the go since 2002
• Bone bed was discovered in 1974
• Bone bed is 10 inches thick, size of 3 football fields
• Only a very small portion of which has been dug
• Already discovered the fossils of 5 complete animals, 5000 bones, 14 skulls
• $26.4 Million required to complete project (museum)
• Anticipating 1/3 local, 1/3 provincial and 1/3 federal funding
• Target date to open is December 31, 2012
• Museum would be placed just off the highway halfway between Beaverlodge and Grande Prairie
• One of the many features includes a $500,000 Rotary Education Center!

4. District Governor Jackie Hobal’s visit
• Visit went well. Had a smaller turnout but got some good brainstorming time about some local and international projects that the club can start doing!

5. District Training
• Dana will inform us how her district training was at the next meeting.

6. 2011 Rotaract Preconvention Meeting
• There is rotary convention as well as a preconvention meeting in New Orleans in 2011. It would be great if we could see some members go to this. Partial funding may be available from the club. There will be some information available about this convention at the next meeting.

7. Festival of Trees
• We have been asked to help make center pieces for the Teddy Bear Breakfast. We will be making the center pieces on Friday November 19 at the Tech Center at 6:00 pm. Dale, Kendra and David have already volunteered, but we are hoping for 5 volunteers. Please let David know as soon as possible if you are interested. His email is

8. Rotary Christmas Party
• Mark your calendars! The Rotary Christmas Party is on December 17th. There will be more details on this (time/location) at the next meeting. We normally volunteer one Rotaract member to be on the committee that makes center pieces, and Kendra has volunteered to do this.

9. Christmas Dinner
• We have decided to organize a seniors Christmas Dinner at the Golden Age Center on December 14 from 4-7! Please note that this is in place of the meeting that would have taken place on December 14th. We will need lots of hands getting the food ready prior to, during and after the dinner. We will have more details on some of the required efforts at the next meeting.

10. International Project
• We would like to do some sort of international project. One idea that is popular was building a playground in Mazatlan.

11. Round Table

12. Meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM
• Next meeting Tuesday, November 23rd at 7:30 PM, Standford Inn.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meeting Minutes - October 12, 2010

Members in Attendance:

Dale, Dana, Lisa, Cate, Terri, Devon and Mark

Meeting Called to order at 7:30 PM by Dale Tiedemann

1. Membership Dues
• ACTION: If you received an invoice, please pay
• $60 is the fee for a first year member, $30 is the renewal fee
• If you did not receive an invoice please contact David, Dale, Dana or Lisa (Executive Team)

2. Membership Distribution List
• A new list needs to be created so that we have the most up to date contacts for everyone.
• ACTION: Prior to next meeting please email Dale or Dana your email address and phone number

3. District Governor, Jackie Hoble's visit
• Jackie Hoble will be in Grande Prairie November 3rd and 4th and would be willing to meet with Rotaract and Interact
• Dana motioned to have a meeting with Jackie combined with Interact for us to have an opportunity to interact with Interact on November 4th at 4pm (as this would be the only time available for Interact to attend)
• Dale second the motion and all were in favour
• Dale will follow up with Interact to make arrangements. More details to come.
• ACTION: Mark your calendar to attend Nov 4th meeting at 4pm

4. Sunrise Rotary Club Scare Crow Festival
• Saturday, October 16th @ Five Mile Hall. Cocktails @ 6pm, Dinner @ 7pm, tickets $75/each.
• Opportunity for Rotaract to run the "keys please" as done in past years
• The club charge a flat rate for the service and made an estimate $300 or less
• Lack of interest from those in attendance and due to the short notice we will decline this opportunity this year
• If interested in purchasing tickets to attend event, contact Sandra Impey @ Sunrise Club

5. Local Projects
• In an effort to increase membership attendance, Rotaract will be moving away from the current meeting format, which is 2 monthly meetings, and have 1 out of 2 monthly meetings become a working meeting, ie: volunteering for an organization
• This will also fit with the mandate of Rotary - "Service Above Self"
• The idea is to have one volunteer opportunity or event/fundraising initiative each month. This would take place of the 2nd meeting.
• In an effort to give people notice of the upcoming activities, a quarterly calendar will be created outlining the activities upcoming in the next 3 months.
• Plan to implement this starting in November
• ACTION: For the next meeting, everyone is encouraged to have one volunteer or fundraising idea. If unable to attend meeting, please email Dale your idea for consideration.
• Examples of volunteer groups: PARDS, SPCA, Big Brothers & Sisters, Habitat For Humanity

6. International Project
• Rotaract would like to increase our presence with international projects. Opportunity to partner with the Rotaract Club in Mazatlan (our sister city) for "Roads to Mexico"
• "Roads to Mexico" is a project that brings vehicles such as ambulances, school buses, fire trucks, etc to Mazatlan. As well, money will be raised to purchase items that are essential that they would not be able to afford.
• The club already has a relationship with the Mazatlan Club, plus connections with other Rotarians that do this project, so it would be a good place to start for an International Project
• Dale will be working on this project to see exactly how Rotaract can get involved and will let the Club know more details as they come

7. Round Table
• Terri - works for Travel AB & GP Tourism, has been there for 4 yrs. First Rotaract meeting; however she volunteered at Bud Country & Coats For Kids with Rotaract! Welcome!!
• Cate - she is due with a baby in February! Congratulations! This means that she needs to be in bed by 8:30pm!! They will be finding out the sex of the baby on Facebook for updates! Recently moved to Sexsmith where Doug is volunteering with the Sexsmith Fire Dept.
• Dale - recently was in Waterloo, Ont. for work, which was his 1st time to Ont. So what did Dale do while there??? He went to the Children's Museum...makes sense! Actually he went there because there was a Titanic exhibit that was very cool!
• Devon - Participated in the Food Bank Drive with was really good! Other than that just busy working!
• Mark - His girlfriend just moved back to Edmonton from Montreal, so he is in E-town 3 out of 4 weeks in a month. Will be moving there in the Spring, so if anyone is looking to buy a condo, let him know! He'll also be going to Mexico for 2 weeks at Christmas time! Arriba!
• Lisa - busy with work! Face Off Against Cancer is next week and Shoot For The Cure with the GP Storm this Friday. If interested in either event, let Lisa know. Otherwise, she is off on a hot air balloon ride tomorrow morning, so hopefully no crazy GP winds happen!!
• Dana - Dana was giving updates throughout the round table, and then when it came to her turn she didn't have anything to say!! :-)

8. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM
• Next meeting Tuesday, October 26th. 7:30 PM, Standford there or be square!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meeting Minutes - June 8, 2010


It's that time again ... Rotaract Meeting Minutes!

1. Intro of Members & Guests
Members: Darrell, Dale, Miranda, Amanda
Guests: Ashley Tiedemann from Canadian Red Cross, GP Chapter

2. Approval of Last Meeting's Minutes - this has been passed to the next meeting as we did not have them to approve, nor did we have quarum.
3. Approval of Meeting Agenda - no additions

4. Canadian Red Cross Presentation
The Red Cross is promoting their organization and raising local awareness and to change people's perception of what the Red Cross really is and what it does in our community.

* HELP - Health Equipment Loans Program - lend medical equipment to post surgery patients when they are returning home, free of charge. They take donations specific to this program as well.
* Disaster Management Program - municipal response in the case of large catastrophes ann individual response.
* The Grande Prairie chapter goes north to the NWT, west to the BC border, south to Grande Cache and east to High Prairie/Slave Lake.
* They have 10-12 regular volunteers
* 5-7% of funds go to admin costs, the rest to the organizations programs.
* An individual must train with the Red Cross to become a delegate in order to go to international disasters on behalf of the Red Cross.
* The summer focus this year will be Youth Engagement (12-25 years of age). Refugee Day Camps. They will be looking for volunteers in the month of August. Date to be determined.

5. Volunteer Projects

* Golden Age Centre - Sunday, June 13th - help prepare and serve lunch at the seniors dance. Darrell will forward more detailed info via email to the club.
* Bud Country - July 2nd & 3rd. Our club has been approached to take on the beer gardens for Bud Country. We would staff the beer gardens both nights for set-up, drink ticket sales and serving of the drinks. We would require approximately 20 people each night and required to be there from 5PM - 3AM. Our club would be given a $2,000 honorarium, the bottles/cans for refund as well all the volunteers would be provided with weekend passes to the shows. All volunteers would be required to take Pro Serve through the Liquor Board and we would be reimbursed the cost of the course. Can our club manage this project - can we get enough people to help out? Dale will contact the other Rotary clubs to see if they can provide a few volunteers from each club - this project could fund our club for an entire year and the money would not be controlled by gaming. More details will follow.

6. Old Business

* T-Shirts - they have been ordered and should be here soon!
* Change over - passed over to next meeting
* Exec meeting/GPRC - not discussed

7. Round Table

* Miranda - survived the CO incident in her condo and was rescued by Red Cross - they were put up for the night at the Sandman.
* Dale - is renting a mini van and taking 4 teenaged girls to Edmonton for the weekend to a conference. We look forward to hearing more about this Dale!!

This meeting was very casual due to the low number of attendance. It was discussed that Dale's first meeting in July will be taken on the road in form of a FIELD TRIP!!!! More info from Gabrielle will follow. Who doesn't love going on a field trip?!

That is all.

Meeting adjourned ... sometime close to 9:00 PM.

Next meeting - Tuesday, June 22nd, 7:30 PM. Be there!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Meeting Minutes - May 25, 2010

Grande Prairie Rotaract Club General Meeting, May 25th, 2010

Members in Attendance: Darrell Winwood, Devin Bateman, Cedric, Dale Tiedemann, Matthew Hall, Kendra Wilson, Miranda LeClercq, Gabrielle Boulet, Cate Weber

Guests in Attendance: Amanda, Miguel Lopez

1. Introduction of Members & Guests
-Welcome to Miguel Lopez and Amanda!

2. Approval of Last Meeting's Minutes
Motion by Kendra Wilson
Seconded by Dale Tiedemann
Motion carried

3. Approval of Meeting Agenda
Motion by Gabrielle Boulet
Seconded by Miranda LeClercq
Motion carried

4. Guest - Miguel Lopez - Chile earthquake relief
-Chile experienced an earthquake on February 27th, 2010 that measured 8.8 on the richter scale
-The epi centre of the earthquake was located near the area where Miguel has participated in various volunteer projects such as building a library, installing a boiler in an old folks home and building a school. A tsunami subsequently devestated the coastal area.
-In total, 80% of Chile was affected by the earthquake
-As a result, many people in Chile are without basic needs such as food, water, shelter and work; any funds raised will be used towards getting people these necessities
-Swan City Rotary is organizing a dinner theatre to raise funds
-Rotary International provided shelter boxes
-Any donation is appreciated; Chile can use all the help it can get
-Rotaract will discuss ways to help out with this project
-Rotaract will also post the informational DVD on the website and on the facebook site; paypal will be set up so that people can make donations online

5. Volunteer Projects

County Fundraiser
-completed on May 24th! Thank you everyone for your help!

Golden Age Center
-Matthew to handle this event

Painting City Planters
-Rotaract has decided not to move ahead with this project

6. Old Business

-cost $10; let Dale know if you would like to order one as he is placing the order this week!

7. Executive Change Over
-Dale to plan the event
-The plan is go paintballing then out for drinks at Madhatters

8. Round Table

Devin: not much going on lately

Darrell: is very busy and may win money in the hockey pool! (rooting for the hawks)

Dale: youth week is complete! Now it is time to recoup. He is also going on a vacation to California!

Matthew: hired at JAX as a bartender and scored 2 goals in his men's soccer league.

Kendra: tried to go camping, but it was too cold and wet, so she came home. She is also running faster!

Miranda: went on an interesting trip to Mexico, and stayed with her grandparents and at a resort.

Gabrielle: got her coffee machine back! Taking part in the press run on Saturday, and planted some herbs on the long weekend.

Amanda: lots of travelling and lots of spring cleaning!

Cate: going to Ontario in 4 weeks and getting married in 5!

Cheryl: bought a new house!

Meeting adourned at 8:40pm

That's all. If you've noticed any errors or ommissions, please bring them to my attention.

Happy Tuesday!

Meeting Minutes - May 11, 2010

Hello Everybody!

I procrastinated a bit more than usual ... but alas, the meeting minutes are being sent out before the next meeting - an accomplishment!

May 11, 2010 - Meeting called to order by President Darrell Winwood @ 7:37 PM

Members in Attendance:Darrell Winwood, Dale Tiedemann, Gabrielle Boulet, Michelle Dupont (yes, you read that right ... Michelle is back!!) Lucy Ramirez, Chris Murray, Devin Bateman, Kendra Wilson

1. Introduction of Members & Guests
Sarah Nightingale and Jasime (I missed your last name!). Welcome!

2. Approval of Last Meeting Minutes
Motion - Chris Murray
Second - Darrell

3. Approval of Meeting Agenda
Additions: To Volunteer projects - DHT Press Run by Gabrielle, to Old Business - Greenathon by Chris

4. Volunteer Projects

* County Fundraiser - Scheduled for May 18th & 20th. The county pays groups to clean pre-assigned secondary roads, $100/km. We have signed up for approximately 5.5kms of road. Our assigned area is on the north tip of city limits. Meet at the pre-determined location at 6:30 the first night, divide into teams and get at 'er! The county supplies bags, gloves, safety vests and signage. They will also collect the full bags. We just need to have our area complete before June 1st. More info from Darrel to come.
* Golden Age Centre - They are holding an and are looking for Rotaract to help out at the dance and possibly serve lunch. If you are interested in taking the lead on this project, please contact Darrell.
* Painting City Planters downtown - this is a past Rotaract project. The city supplies the paint and we paint the planters that are located in the downtown core. This helps beautify the area and get our members out there! Some members expressed interest in doing it if we have more artistic freedom rather than plain blue paint. Darrell will look into how artsy we can get and advise.
* School Snack Program - Dale advised that he is still working with the program organizers for a time that our club can participate. Our original volunteer day of April 16th was postponed last minute. Stay tuned!
* Relay for Life - Friday, June 11th. Do we want to volunteer our club to help out or are too many members participating with other teams? This is being left open, but nothing definite will be planned for now.
* DHT Press Run - the race is Saturday May 29th and the Grande Prairie Run Walk Club is looking for volunteers to help out race day. They need course marshalls, water station people, etc. If you are interested, please contact Gabrielle. Kendra helped out with the Brian Harms race and did an excellent job of cheering me (Gabrielle) on at the half way and finish points and has become inspired to start running! There is a volunteer appreciation dinner for all DHT Press Run volunteers the week following the even at Jake's Down South.

5. Old Business

* T-Shirts - Dale advised a new wicked price for the T-shirts, including logos - $10/shirt ... yes this is for the awesome bamboo shirts. Please advise Dale your shirt size ASAP for an order to be put in.
* Greenathon - with great enthusiasm Chris wanted to send a shout out to all members that helped out with the project - you guys rule! The project was less than organized and slightly chaotic, but our members did a great job of working together and keeping their assigned student groups under control. Thanks agan!

6. RYPEN Camp - District volunteer opportunity

* Taking place at Camp Warwa just outside of Edmonton (toward Grande Prairie) on the May long weekend - May 19 - 23. Darrell will forward the email sent from the District level for anyone interested in learning more or helping out.

7. Executive Change Over

* Change over occurs around the last meeting in June or early July to celebrate the incoming and outgoing executive. In the past we have held BBQ's are the outgoing President's place of resident. As Darrell and Debi live in a condo, they aren't set up to host a large BBQ for our club. It was suggested that we celebrate differently this year and go Paintballing. This is especially exciting to Darrell as the has wanted to do this as a social event for quite some time. More discussion to come. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to contact Darrell or bring them to our next meeting!

8. District Conference - May 13 - 16 in Drayton Valley

* Are any Rotaract Club members attending this year?

9. Round Table

* Michelle - after much time spent debriefing in her condo post AWG , she is back in the swing of things! Welcome back!
* Lucy - has new Saucony running shoes! She is taking an extra long May Long weekend to go to a cabin in Merritt! Fun!!
* Chris - going to Calgary with 4 other geeks (his words, not mine) for a Robotics competition. He has to be back by May 16th however in time for his son's 1st birthday.
* Gabrielle - ran in her first 10 mile (16km) race last weekend. Survived and is getting ready for the DHT Press Run half marathon!
* Sarah - plays baseball (resultantly had to leave the meeting a tad early).
* Kendra - inspired by runners at the Brian Harms and is now running with her dog who is her pace bunny. She is finished school for the year and has a summer job weighing trucks. Not overly enthralling, but it will pay the bills and tuition - so it will have to do!
* Dale - is mid-Youth Week and it's going awesome so far and has TONS of ideas for next year already!! He LOVES Air Canada (NOT!), but in spite of this hung out with Michelle's mom in the Edmonton airport while waiting 8 hours to catch a flight home. Lame!
* Devin - has a new job and is writing his Life Insurance exam - good luck! He is participating in the Relay for Life.
* Darrell - was in Edmonton this past weekend attending a media camp conference. He didn't learn as much as he had hoped, but was able to meet up with old media friends.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:25 PM

See you all Tuesday, May 25th after an excellent May Long Weekend (crappy weather aside!)

P.S.: Something I don't recommend - typing meeting minutes with an agenda that is several meetings old and realizing it half way through! Making sense of notes taken compared to the flow of the agenda is very difficult.
If the information isn't exactly in the same order as the meeting agenda, this is why!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meeting Minutes - April 13, 2010

Members In Attendance:

Darrell Winwood, Dale Tiedemann, Dana Moody, David Crouse, Lucy Ramirez, Miranda LeClercq, Gabrielle Boulet, Chris Murray, Matt Hall

Guests In Attendance:

Amanda McKay, Heather

Meeting Called to order at 7:30 PM by Darrell Winwood.

1) Introduction of Members & Guests:
1.A.) As listed above, 2 guests were in attendance at tonight’s meeting.

2) Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes:
2.A.) Last Meeting was the Open House, no meeting minutes to approve.

3) Approval of Meeting Agenda:
3.A.) Add T-Shirt Order to Agenda. Approved by Gabrielle, second by David.

4) Volunteer Projects:
4.A.) . School Snack Program – The Grande Prairie Public School District as well as the Catholic School District have initiated a school snack program. They require volunteers to come in and prepare the snacks at the chosen school. The snacks are donated by companies or organizations and they will often have a ‘celebrity week” where the donators prepare the snacks. Dale recently participated in this project with the City of Grande Prairie at Hillside Elementary. He thought this would be a great experience for Rotaracters, and has signed us up for April 16, 2010, 9:00-11:30am. They will require 4-5 volunteers, sign up sheet to follow.

4.B.) Greenathon – The Greenathon is fast approaching, May 1, 2010. This is a quad club event where the Rotary clubs and kids of G.P. help clean up the city. Arrive in the morning to the Rotary campground for a pancake breakfast. Go to the schools to pick up the kids, and then head to your designated section of the city. Finish up with a BBQ and Bike Draw. Take the kids back to their schools and the day is usually done at about 1:30. This is a very fun event and if you would like to sign up as a captain or co-captain, please speak with Chris Murray.

4.C.) County Fundraiser – The County of Grande Prairie is holding something very similar to the Greenathon, the County Clean up. Groups are paid $100 for every km cleaned. This money could be great as general funds for the club. 5-6 volunteers needed, we will be signing up for 5 km to clean.

4.D.) Golden Age Centre – Dora has contacted Darrell to see if the Rotaract club would like to volunteer for an event at the Golden Age Centre. Darrell would like to know if anyone would like to head this event? Please contact him if you are interested.

4.E.) Relay for Life – This event runs from 7am to 7pm in June 11, 2010. This event is a fundraiser for Cancer Research. They will need volunteers for set up/registration/preparing meals. Or we could possible put together a team and participate. Will discuss further once more details are available.

4.F.) – Service Club Expo – The Lions club of GP is hosting a service club expo at the Lions Learning Centre April 17, 2010. It will be tradeshow style and Rotaract will have a booth set up. It is to raise awareness of the different clubs available in GP, and to build community interest in service clubs. Darrell and Kyla from Sunrise Rotary to work on behalf of the GP Rotary Clubs.

5) Old Business -
5.A.) New Executive – New Executive Members will come into their position on July 1, 2010 (the beginning of the Rotary year). New Exec includes:

Dale – President
Dana – President Elect
David – Treasurer
Cate – Secretary

5.B.) – T-Shirt order – We have added this to the agenda again… There was some dispute about Rotaract having their own logo, after the Rotary clubs designed a Quad club logo to include Rotaract. Dale is to see if he can get the logo from Sportswear plus, so we can put it on our awesome bamboo t-shirts.

6) New Business
6.A.) Lobster Fest – June 5 is lobster fest, a Quad club event. Tickets are $50.00, but the Rotary clubs are asking if we have anyone that would volunteer to work the door. Meal included with Volunteering. We have two free confirmed tickets for the club.

6.B.) District Conference 2010– District Conference will be held on May 13-16 in Drayton Valley. Darrell would like to know if anyone is able to attend. He will pass around the agenda of the speakers and events being held that weekend. Darrell is to contact gaming to see if any funds can be used from our lottery money to assist members wanting to attend the conference.

6.C.) – Grande Prairie District Conference 2012 – We will need to have a Rotaract member sit on the board for the 2012 conference. It is still in the planning stages and meetings will be fairly light (once a month) for right now. Please contact Darrell and he will put you in touch with Fletcher Bootle for more info.

7.) – Round Table

Meeting Adjourned.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Meeting Minutes - February 9, 2010

Members In Attendance:

Gabrielle Boulet, Chris Murray, David Crouse, Kendra Wilson, Dana Moody

Guests In Attendance:

Cedrick Leblanc, Kendra, Brette Madden

Meeting Called to order at 7:30 PM by Past President Gabrielle Boulet.

1) Introduction of Members & Guests:
1.A.) As listed above, 3guests were in attendance at tonight’s meeting.

2) Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes:
2.A.) MOTION: Lisa Approved, David Second. MOTION CARRIED.

3) Approval of Meeting Agenda:
3.A.) MOTION: To accept the agenda as presented. Motion by David Crouse. Second by Dana Moody. None Opposed. MOTION CARRIED.

4) Review of Action Items from Previous Minutes:
4.A.) Executive Nominations: Still looking for Executive nominations for positions of:
President Elect
Please send your nominations in to Darrell before Feb. 23, 2010.

4.B.) Social Night - Social night was at the Kokanee comedy night at the Great Northern Casino. Gab and David were the only members at the meeting that attended the comedians and said they had mixed reviews, but overall a great night.

4.C.) T-Shirt Order – Due to Dale’s absence at meeting, we will be carrying over the order to next meeting. The T-Shirts will have the Rotaract Emblum on them, and are $30.00. Please email Dale with your size.

4.D.) District Curling Bonspiel – Tyler is planning on attending this bonspiel in Athabasca, last call for three more members for Rotaract team. Please contact Tyler if interested.

4.E.) Club Regalia – Have received our first shipment, Rotaract club pins, and second order should be in soon which will contain the Rotaract banner.

5) February 12-15, 2010 – Activities you could be doing as a Rotaractor

5.A.) Quad Club Ski Trip to Jasper – Family Ski trip for Rotarians during the long weekend

5.B.) Spirit Speakers Youth Conference – This conference is requiring volunteers to help with registration (from 3-7), and the introduction of speakers (All day Saturday). Please contact Dale if interested in helping out.

5.C.) SPCA and PetSmart Adopt a pet weekend – From 11-4pm at the PetSmart location, they will be needing volunteers to assist with the many adoptions that will be taking place (handling, paperwork etc.). SPCA will provide training for any volunteers. Please contact the volunteer coordinator for the SPCA @ (780) 538-4030 ext: 109.

6) “Rock”ing out with Rotaract Curling Fun-Spiel

6.A.) March 19-20 will be the first annual Rotaract Fun-Spiel held at the Grande Prairie Curling Club. We need help in collecting sponsorship for prizes, as well as cash donations. We need to recruit teams of 4, tickets for the weekend costing $210.00 for four games and a banquet dinner. Please contact Dale for more information.

7) New Business -

7.A.) Arctic Winter Games – Are calling for volunteers for the games being held in GP Mar 6-13, 2010. They will require help for March 14, 2010 (Sunday) putting the classrooms back together at the schools the athletes were housed in. They will need 4-5 club members to help. Please contact Michelle Dupont if interested, there will also be a sign up sheet at the next meeting.

7.B.) Rotary Green-A-Thon - Rotaract will be needing a liason from our club to be involved with the Green-A-Thon. Chris Murray has volunteered for this position. Thanks Chris!

Round Table

Meeting Adjourned